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Core & Love of Learning:
A Recipe for Success

by: Oliver & Rachel DeMille

4 CD Set $24.97 OUT OF STOCK


If you want to integrate Thomas Jefferson Education principles in your home, then this seminar is a must!

Highlights include: Daily and Weekly Scheduling, Organizing Space in Your Home to Support Thomas Jefferson Education, What to Simplify and What to Beef Up, What to Say “No” to and When to Say “Yes”, Music and Other Lessons and How to Best Integrate them, Which Books Work Best for What Ages, Organizing a Big Family when Students are at Different Ages and Phases, Separating Discipline from Academics, Using Outside Activities Without Letting Them Take Over, and Tips for Making Mornings Work.

Although this CD does not cover all 55 ingredients to a successful Thomas Jefferson homeschool, the DeMilles discuss the above ingredients in more detail than the lecture notes. VERY INSPIRING! :-)


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