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The Thinking Toolbox
by: Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn

Our Price: $22.00
Our apologies...we are currently out of stock!

Thirty-Five Lessons That Will Build Your Reasoning Skills

From the Bluedorns: This book is like a toolbox, full of different kinds of tools you can use for different thinking tasks. Just as you use the wrench in a regular tool box to fix the sink, so you can use the tools we give you in this book to solve thinking problems. We wrote this book for children and adults who want to learn logic and critical thinking skills.

Thinking Toolbox encourages your students to put on their thinking hats and get to work.

The Bluedorns cover many aspects of critical thinking such as the following:

  • When is it Dumb to Argue?
  • Using the Scientific Method
  • Five Rules of Brainstorming
  • Who Has a Reason to Lie?
  • How to Analyze Opposing Viewpoints
  • How to Analyze Evidence & Sources
  • How to List Reasons Why You Believe Something

Benefits to Homeschoolers:

Little/No prep for mom, teacher - Self-teaching
Multi-aged - Perfect for 13 years to adult - For the entire Family
Economical - One book for the entire family ($22 for everyone to take logic)
Christian view of Logic - You don't have to "work in" your Biblical worldview. It's already there!

You may choose to do Thinking Toolbox or Fallacy Detective in whichever order you prefer, or at the same time!

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