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SWI Continuation Course
Writing in Structure & Style (IEW)
by: Andrew Pudewa

This 1-2 year course picks up right from where the SWI leaves off. Students use their same notebook and charts and receive review as well as abundant new instruction in models and techniques not previously presented in the SWI. Along with the source material for each lesson, student checklists and teacher grading sheets are provided. This course assumes that the student has completed the corresponding Student Writing Intensive.

New! Now the Continuation Course comes with Daily Lesson Suggestions. If you purchased the SICC in the past, please feel free to download these lessons. 32 weekly lessons per level.

The course comes in three age groups: A (Grade 4-6), B (Grade 6-8), and C (Grade 8-10 & up). It covers areas such as dress-ups, story sequence, editing, topic-clinchers, openers, homonyms, decorations, essay introductions & conclusions, analyzing & imitating author's styles, original stories, symbols in note-taking, word roots, persuasive essays, and college applications.

Included with the course is a CD-ROM that provides the lesson plans, teacher's notes and student materials.

  • Group A (Grade 4-6) SICC Content                   $199.00          BUY NOW!
    Class One: Dress-up review, Story Sequence (Unit III)
    Class Two: Titles, Editing, Topic-Clincher review (Unit IV)
    Class Three: Openers, 3-Paragraph Report & Unit IV Note-Taking
    Class Four: Editing, Openers, Writing from Pictures (Unit V)
    Class Five: Editing, Openers, Unit V - second assignment
    Class Six: Homonyms, Decorations, Original Stories (Unit III)
    Class Seven: 5-Paragraph Essay (Unit VII/VIII), Choosing Topics
    Class Eight: Essay Introductions & Conclusions (Unit VIII)
    Class Nine: Letters (Unit VII), Decorations, Review
    Class Ten: Final Exam [Disc 9]
  • Group B (Grade 6-8) SICC Content                   $199.00          BUY NOW!
    Class One: Dress-up & Opener review, Pictures (Unit V)
    Class Two: Decorations, Editing, Unit V - second assignment
    Class Three: Editing, Topics for Essay, Multiple Ref. (Unit VI)
    Class Four: Decorations, Essay (Unit VIII)
    Class Five: Advanced Dress-ups/Openers, Symbols in Note-Taking
    Class Six: Decorations, Creative Writing, 5-Paragraph Letter
    Class Seven: Analyzing & Imitating Authors' Styles
    Class Eight: Critiques (Unit IX)
    Class Nine: Triple Extensions, Unit IX - second assignment, review
    Class Ten: Final Exam [Disc 9]
  • Group C (Grade 8-10+) SICC Content                $199.00          BUY NOW!
    Class One: Dress-Up & Opener review, Pictures (Unit V)
    Class Two: Word Roots, Adv. Style, Essay (Unit VIII), Bibliog.
    Class Three: Word Roots, Symbols in Note-Taking, Interview Tech.
    Class Four: Word Roots, Triple Ext., Expanded Essay (Unit VIII)
    Class Five: Analyzing & Imitating Authors' Styles
    Class Six: Persuasive Essay (Unit VIII), Quotations & Citations
    Class Seven: Super-Essay Model, Letters to Editor
    Class Eight: Super Essay, Quotation lead-ins, Clincher Starters
    Class Nine: Personal Essays for College Applications, review
    Class Ten: Common Goofs and Final Exam [Disc 9]


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