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 Student Writing Intensive B
Writing In Structure & Style

  by: Andrew Pudewa (IEW)

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The Student Writing Intensive is a ten-hour (4-day) seminar for the student. That's right, it's for your student to watch and follow Andrew's instructions. Your student will learn how to write from keyword outlines, how to outline their writings according to their assignment and how to improve their writing style...all at their own age level.

What's even better is you can let your student watch these DVDs while you work with other siblings or students. Once they finish watching their assignment, you can check to be sure they understand what direction they are headed. Leave the teaching to Andrew Pudewa, author of Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. He's used this approach for years and taught thousands of students how to improve their writing.



Syllabus included in this package adds valuable additional assignments and suggestions to keep your student motivated and progressing through 12 weeks of practical work with the Student Writing Intensive


For teachers and home educators, this course provides a model for teaching writing in a classroom. It can be used to introduce the new concepts to your students followed by writing practice.

For Parents, this seminar can serve as a stand-alone course to boost a child’s writing.

New! Now the Student Writing Intensive comes with daily lesson suggestions. Written by Jill Pike, these lessons suggest what portion of the disc to watch followed by several practice assignments to help the material stick. These lessons are available for viewing and can be downloaded from If you purchased the SWI in the past, please feel free to download these lessons and add them to your notebook.

Available on DVD, this package includes the student materials necessary to complete several assignments. Choose the group appropriate for your student’s grade level.

Group B: Middle school students       $109.00 Buy Now!

  • Unit I & II-Outline a paragraph, Write a paragraph
  • Unit III-Story Sequence, Write a Story
  • Unit IV-Summarize a Reference, (find keywords, choose what is interesting/important)
  • Unit VI-Reports from Multiple Reference
  • Unit VII-Creative Writing
  • Other topics covered: Banned Word List, Topic Sentence/Clincher, Sentence reflect or repeat 2-3, Key Words or ideas, Develop Titles

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't like the product or it doesn't fit your child, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!


To save $29, buy the combo set (T eaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive B) for  $249

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