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Potato Canon Kit
by: Hunter Beck

Our Price: $29.50 Out of Stock
Click Here to check out these Marshmallow Guns,

We have assembled a kit to go with the book!

Until now, finding all the parts to assemble your own potato cannon has taken a long time. Now, you can purchase the kit and be launching your own spuds in no time! This kit contains everything you need to assemble a potato cannon except the things we can not ship via UPS, namely, pvc glue, pvc cleaner and hairspray (the first two you can pick up at any lumber or hardware store).

Important Information!
This is a kit only. You will need to the book for instructions on assembly and launching. You can buy the book, Backyard Ballistics HERE. Or simply

We will ship the potato cannon kit via UPS and the shipping will be $11.00.

So, buy the kit and commence launching those potatoes!!!!


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