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February 8, 2014
Dear Fellow Writing Teacher, Homeschool Mom or Parent,

Lori Verstegan has done it again. She provides 29 writing lessons for moms & teachers who are studying or teaching medieval history. One of the coolest things about Lori's writing lessons is it goes chronologically through the program. In other words, it begins with Augustine & Mohammed, runs thorugh Charlemagne, Knights, King Arthur and ends with the Magna Charta.

Most lessons begin with activities to teach a stylistic technique or writing structure. These vary from strong verbs to show emotions to topic sentences/clinchers to similes. An overview of the lesson is provided, as well as a step-by-step (EASY TO FOLLOW) lesson plan.

Medieval History Writing Lessons are just another excellent supplement to Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. Lori provides 1-4 lessons for each of TWSS (IEW's Teaching Writing) units thus covering stories, reports, formal essays, critiques and creative writing. Checklists are provided for both the teacher & student.

So you're wondering what ages can use Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons?

Glad you asked because Lori has thought of everything. In her easy-to-follow lessons, she separates her instructions for elementary (4th-6th grade) from junior high. To help teach different ages of students, different checklists & assignments are given.  This includes both the Student Book as well as the Teacher's Manual.

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Watch the following video for a general overview of History-Based Writing products.

At the end of the manual, you receive 3 bonus items.

1. Games for Review - Effective way to review the concepts you are teaching, especially with vocabualary words. Ways to adapt to one student are included in this section - yea for homeschoolers!

2. Stylistic Technique Charts & Helps - You should refer to these charts when your kids need to add quality adjectives, strong verbs or adverbs. They do not have to think of these words on their own because long lists are given for them to choose from.

3. Vocabulary - Cards with 64 vocabulary words/pictures are included so your kids can start using these words in their own writings. What better way to increase your vocabulary than to actually use your new vocabulary words. Also included are some vocab quizzes & final test.

Wondering what exactly is included? Here's a list of the topics for each of the TWSS 9 units.

Units 1 & 2 - Writing from Keywords
Overview of Middle Ages
Byzantine Empire & Justinian the Great
Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury (story)
Mohammed & Islam (story)

Unit 3 - Writing from Pictures
Personal Narrative Essay from Picture

Unit 4 - Summarizing References
Charlemagne (3 lessons)

Unit 6 - Research Reports
Battle of Hastings-William the Conqueror
Knights (Body Paragraphs)

Unit 8 - Formal Essays/Reports
Knights (Intro, Conclusion, Final Draft, Bibliography)
Subject of Choice

Unit 3 - Narrative Stories
Anointing of King Arthur
Lady Godiva
Borrowing a Conflict

Unit 9 - Critiques
Genghis Khan & His Hawk
Critique of Story/Novel of Choice

Unit 7 - Creative Writing
Marco Polo (Descriptive Essay)
Magna Carta (Reflective Essay)
Islam vs. Christianity (Contrast Essay w/ Thesis)

Student Book includes assignments, blank outlines, source texts, checklists, vocabulary cards and grammar helps are provided for two levels of students, elementary and junior high. Comes with Student Resource Notebook e-book.
Click here to view a PDF sample of the Student Book.

Teacher’s Manual includes teaching and reviewing tips, sample whiteboards, games, quizzes and answer keys.

Click here to view a PDF sample of the Teacher's Manual.

This will save you tons of time, get your own copy of the Student/Teacher Combo right here.

Before I close, let me also share the stylistic techniques your students will either review or learn with Medieval History Writing Lessons

Quality Adjectives
Strong Verbs with emotions
Adverbs (-ly words)
Action Verbs
Dialogue (Punctuating)
Showing Emotions
Appealing to five senses
Sentence Openers
Who/Which Clause
Dramatic Openers
More Sentence Openers (because, clausal)
3 Simple, short sentences
Adverb Clause
Critique Vocabulary
Thesis statement

My 13 year old daughter, who has worked through the Student Writing Intensive, Medieval Lessons, and whatever other writing assignments I've come up with, was talking to a friend. The friend had desired to enter a Hannah Montana essay contest—the deadline was quickly approaching. The friend lamented as would not be able to compose an essay in so short a period saying, “they are so difficult to write!” My daughter became excited and told her friend that "No, this is going to be easy! The writing curriculum my mom has been using is really going to come in handy!" Then she spent 30 minutes explaining HOW it works and giving pointers to her friend.

Today she was called to kid-sit for a neighbor. The gal commented she had to go work on a letter for a custody hearing. Not exactly a topic to discuss with a 13 year old. Nonetheless, Allison said, "Just add lots of quality adjectives, strong verbs and -ly words; it'll sound great!" The neighbor became excited and asked Allison if she could call for more pointers!

I am so blessed and thankful to see some fruit in my labor. Thank you IEW for an effective, practical product.

~Teresa V.~
Homeschool Mom

As an ADDED BONUS... when you grab your copy of Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons

1.  Student Resource Notebook eBook (digital download for each of your own children)
  Structure Models
  Strong Verb Charts
  -ly Words (Adverbs)
  Quality Adjective Charts
  Five Senses & Emotions
  Transition Words & Phrases
  Grammar Rules - Punctuation, Confused Words, Clauses, Phrases, etc
  Charts & Checklists
  Answers to Exercises

2.  FREE SHIPPING- That's right!  You do NOT pay shipping.  It's on us.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't like the product or it doesn't fit your child, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!


My Conclusion:
As usual, this is a no-brainer. If you want to save yourself some time and you are studying medieval history with kids between the ages of 8 and 15, you should integrate Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons into your course of study.

Lori has done all the hard work for you and given you easy-to-follow steps to teach each & every lesson.

I almost forgot, she also includes all the answers in her Teacher Tips at the end of the manual. Not all manuals give you answers, but Lori's does.

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If you need extra student handbooks, here's the link to grab those: Medieval History Student Handbooks


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