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Little Britches Series
(Set of 8 Books)

by: Ralph Moody

Retail: $104.60
Our Price: $83.68 out of stock

Titles in this Series:

  • Little Britches
  • Man of the Family
  • The Home Ranch
  • Mary Emma & Company
  • Horse of a Different Color
  • The Dry Divide
  • The Fields of Home
  • Shaking the Nickel Bush

I just finished Little Britches, by Ralph Moody and it is terrific. If you have a son, you will definitely will want him to read this. Or, better yet, read this aloud as a family. That's what we are going to do...beginning this week! For more about this book, read the following review from Amazon:

Little Britches is the sort of book that you wish could be made available to every man, woman and child in today's mixed up world. It is wonderfully inspirational and would go a long way toward making you think about what is really important in life and how you ought to go about being the best kind of human being that you could be.

I have re-read the entire Little Britches series for the last 20-plus years and just recently ordered the entire set from I am thrilled to think that they are still in print and I look forward to many years of enjoyable re-reading of them again. Do yourself a favor and buy Ralph Moody's books.

He had tremendous insight about life and living. He would undoubtedly be the kind of man we'd all like to know, be friends with, have as a dad, husband, brother etc. You'll love his books. You'll laugh and cry and be transported back into a wonderful time of life. You'll be left with some great new thoughts and feelings about what really matters after all.

Someone suggested in an e-mail that I should carry all of the Little Britches books...they are ALL FANTASTIC. You can buy them today! For those of you who did not previously read about Little Britches, you should know that it is a great book for boys (and girls like it, too). We recently started reading Little Britches as a family and everyone is enjoying the story.

Ralph is a typical boy who wants to please his dad, loves horses, gets into trouble and enjoys the open range of Colorado. You will grow to love Ralph and his family as you read his first person narratives in this series. Little Britches is set in the American West and is an excellent example of a living history book - one of those books that will transport you back in time, offering lessons & values along the way.

History will come alive when you read any of these books. Without preaching, Ralph Moody warmly illustrates the old-time virtues of hard work, entrepreneurialism, ingenuity, and respect for others. Your entire family will learn from these books.

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