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by: George Grant

High School with Biblical Worldview

Four-year cycle of studying humanities during 4 civilizations

Antiquities, Christendom, American, Modernity

Each set includes 40-50 lectures (audio or video) and 1 CD-rom with all your lessons, reading assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, literary helps, and answers (yes, I said answers!)

We have used this for 3 years and it is the ABSOLUTE BEST curriculum out there for high schoolers.

FREE - DISCOUNTED SHIPPING on this product when you use the code BECK on the order form. (Directions below!)

Read our review below:



Are you nearing those high school years and wondering what you will use to teach your children? For several years, I was in your shoes as I reviewed curriculum and programs for my oldest to use in high school. We tried one program, but it did not challenge my daughter the way we wanted, so I decided to take the plunge and purchase a relatively new program, Gileskirk Humanities. After using Gileskirk for this past year, we know that all of our children will work through this program while they are in high school. Gileskirk was the answer to all my searching and now we are able to sell it to other homeschoolers. I had finally found a program that integrated a Christian worldview into our studies. Let me take a few moments to share why we think it Gileskirk is the BEST high school program out there.

Gileskirk Humanities is a four-year program studying cultures throughout historical time periods. Dr. George Grant gives 45-55 lectures each year. Dr. Grant constantly brings you back to the Christian perspective of society as he discusses history, literature, science, art, music or other aspects of society. If all you did was to listen to the Gileskirk lectures, you would be a changed person. I know that I am. Personally, I look forward to the time I "get" to listen to Dr. Grant's lectures each week. As I listen I am making comments like "that's right", "I agree". "this is so good", "where did he learn all this". Of course I know he learned it from much, much reading and meditating. Since I do not always have time to do that much research and present it to my kids, I am letting Dr. Grant teach them what he has learned. Since Steve & I both listen to the lectures, we are learning alongside our children. We are then able to discuss the issues that arise with each lecture. Words cannot express the impact these lectures will have on your family!!!

I know that there are other programs that offer a Christian worldview of history, but this is the first one with the teacher helps I needed. In addition to the lectures (audio or video), you can purchase a cd-rom of the teacher's manual. Copies of lecture transparencies, lesson outlines, vocabulary, quizzes, answer keys, mid-term/final, literature supplements and suggested projects are included on the cd-rom. You can print out what you want and read the rest on your computer. Over the year, we have made 2 notebooks with this information - one for me and one for my daughter to use as she studies. Each week, your student has the "opportunity" to show what he is learning (actually he will be taking a quiz). The weekly "opportunity" has been a great tool in our house because it encourages me to discuss the lectures with my daughter and it encourages her to study on a weekly basis. All the opportunities are essay or short answer type quizzes.

Another aspect of the teacher manual that has been terrific for us is the list of suggested projects. This year, Ashley has developed an advertising campaign for a product of the nineteenth century, written a poetic lament about a Christian virtue lost in the nineteenth century, and written a research paper. Over the summer she will develop a 40-hour creative project about an aspect of modernity. One student made a working guillotine for his modernity project - wow!

Reading assignments are provided for each lesson. These include portions of a spine book, as well as biographies from George Grants leaders series. As the student reads, he is to write about his readings in a reading journal. Ideally, he should have 5 reading journal entries each week. When literature assignments are given, they are included with a completion time. The student must space their reading over that time period to finish reading the novel in time. Which leads me to one of my favorite things about this curriculum - STUDENT INDEPENDENCE. Since the year is divided into 50 or so lessons, I told my daughter that we will try to complete 2 lessons each week. Then, she must complete the preparation for each lesson on her own. and come see me when she is ready to discuss the lectures. I am not giving her daily assignments. Instead I am giving her broade

Gileskirk is a well-rounded Christian curriculum which gives homeschool moms enough helps to provide her children with an excellent education in high school. If you are interested in purchasing the curriculum or a sample cd, please e-mail me. Details about the curriculum are below:
You won't find this curriculum in other booths because we are the only ones selling it outside the publisher :-)

Sample CD - E-mail me if you want a sample lecture. Once we finish this cd, I will let you know all the details.

REMEMBER each series includes 45-55 video or audio lectures



You will need to go to the Gileskirk website (click here for the website) and order the curriculum. If you type our name, "Beck", in the "promotion code" box on their order form, you will get FREE or DISCOUNTED SHIPPING! You will receive up to $15 in FREE shipping. If your shipping is over $15, you will have $15 deducted from the shipping. Please know that your credit card is not charged until someone physically processes your order. Again, you will only get the FREE/DISCOUNTED SHIPPING if you type in our name, "Beck", in the "promotion code" box on the Gileskirk order form.

If you send us a copy of your receipt, we will send you a list of books you can use with your younger siblings. Here's what one mom had to say about the book list she received.


My son, who is using Gileskirk for the first time this year, opened your email with the book list. He ran in to tell me how many books on the list that we own and he has read. He said he had never seen a more complete book list. Needless to say he was very impressed. I am most thankful as mom and teacher. It should make pulling together relevant reading material for my five children so much easier.

Thank you,  Kathy W



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