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The Fallacy Detective
by: Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn

Our Price: $22.00
Our apologies...we are currently out of stock!


Thirty-Six Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

This book is for fallacy detectives. We've designed this book to be a handy-dandy text for learning to spot the errors in thinking that you meet everyday on the street, in the newspaper, or on television - or errors you make yourself.

The perfect introduction to logic! The Bluedorn brothers cover informal fallacies with real life examples. Your students will enjoy the cartoons, also. Use this book before you study a formal logic course.

The Bluedorns explain all sorts of fallacies including:

  • Avoiding the Question
  • Making Assumptions
  • Statistical Fallacies
  • Propaganda

All of my kids have worked through this book. Now that I have looked at it again, I think we will review these fallacies at the beginning of the year. Then, we can look for fallacies in the newspaper, community, internet...
They are all over the place. -Kerry, Curriculum Connection

Benefits to Homeschoolers:

Little/No prep for mom, teacher - Self-teaching
Multi-aged - Perfect for 13 years to adult - For the entire Family
Answer Key included - You don't have to work through every exercise   Includes The Fallacy Detective Game - You don't have to develop your own review and this review is fun . . . a game
Economical - One book for the entire family ($22 for everyone to take logic)
Christian view of Logic - You don't have to "work in" your Biblical worldview. It's already there!

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