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February 09, 2014

Dear Fellow Writing Teacher, Homeschool Mom or Parent,

The Elegant Essay student/teacher combo is Your Solution to Essay Writing!  Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and Leesha Myers have teamed up to make your life easier as a classroom teacher or homeschool mom.

Here are a few of my thoughts after using The Elegant Essay with my son & daughter (ages 13, 16)

"Yesterday my kids read aloud their introductions to an essay. They had to write 8 different introductions, using a specific type of intro. The topic was chosen for them. We had a blast, enjoying & laughing about the intros. As we read & laughed, my kids really learned different methods to introducing an essay.

You may be asking, "Are you using a curriculum? Why did you have them practice 8 different intros for the same topic?" I've been following The Elegant Essay, by IEW. It is a terrific book about well-written essays, perfect for junior or senior high students.

I caught myself laughing and then restating the concept we were discussing. Do you have FUN as you teach writing?"

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Will Your Children Be Able to Write Well as an Adult? 

Most graduates can't get their thoughts down in a coherent fashion!

After using The Elegant Essay, I knew my son would be able to write essays for the rest of his life.

Don't mess with your kids' future and their ability to communicate with others.  Use the best essay writing programs on the market today!  I have personally used IEW for the past 10 years and have seen improvement in my own children's writing.  It is one of MY FAVORITES!

When you use IEW, you will spend time teaching your students HOW TO WRITE, instead of so much time on what to write about. 

The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire-essay building process..

SAVE TIME and SPEND MORE TIME with your FAMILY by using these writing lessons that work!

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What's Included In The Elegant Essay?

  • Student book includes instruction, practice exercises, modeling and grade sheets
  • Teacher's manual has a sample schedule, grading helps, lesson-by-lesson instructions for teaching with sample models and answers
  • Captivating Introductions
  • Compelling Descriptions
  • Convincing Conclusions
  • Students Learn to Bring Their Words & Arguments to LIFE 
  • Explanations & Practice Excercises 
  • Excellent Extension & Refinement of IEW Unit 8.
  • For newbies & experienced teachers

Essays Are So Much Easier With
Mr. Pudewa's Help!

My daughter Elisa attended the High School Essay Prep Course last week. She really enjoyed Mr. Pudewa's humor, techniques, tips, and tricks for writing timed essays and college application personal essays. In addition, she appreciated the in-class timed essays and other exercises that enabled her to put into practice what she had just learned. Not only did she gain valuable instruction with regard to essays, but she also picked up several other techniques such as the TRAIC paragraph model that she can immediately apply to her current writing assignments. Thanks to Mr. Pudewa for an excellent course!

Homeschool Parent

Table of Contents

Unit 1 - Overview
Unit 2 - These Statements
Unit 3- Essay Organization
Unit 4 - Transitions
Unit 5 - Introductions
Unit 6 - Conclusions
Unit 7 - Form Review
Unit 8 - Thesis & Outlines
Unit 9 - Descriptive Essay
Unit 10 - Persuasive Essay

Teacher Pages
Unit 11 - Teaching Helps
Unit 12 - Lesson Plans

Click Here to view a PDF sample of the student book.
Click Here to view a PDF sample of the teacher book.

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Why Use Elegant Essay?

The Elegant Essay student/teacher combo has all the lessons planned for YOU!  All you do is review each section with your student and help your kids improve as they do their practice exercises.

The Elegant Essay refines your basic essay model, with clear explanations and exercises to assist teachers and students in improving organization, introductions, transitions, paragraph structure, conclusions, and style. 

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If you don't like the product or it doesn't fit your child, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!


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