Who Else Wants To Save Time Writing Lesson Plans and Teach Bible Lessons At The Same Time?

For the teacher or mom who wants to use the Bible to teach Writing Structure & Style.

Bible Based Writing Lessons consists of 30 specific assignments using the models & techniques from the course Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. From basic note taking to story rewriting and from research process to essays, this collection of lessons will strengthen both creative & expository composition skills.

For those new to the Structure & Style syllabus, or for experienced teachers, these lessons will guide you through an entire year of assignments using Scripture & Bible stories as the primary source text.

Comments on the First Edition of Bible-Based Writing Lessons:

Prior to this book, I felt like I was wandering. Now, assigning, adapting to different ability levels, and teaching the techniques is much simpler. Whether it is because this book is so clear and well organized, or if it's because we are going through our third explanation of this method, we may never know. In any case, I have found this book to be available resource and easy to teach from. As a mother of a large family (8 children), finding adequate time to plan and prepare all subjects is difficult. This resource is a terrific tool-thoroughly planned, sequential lessons which teach from the Bible. Thank you!

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Unit I: Note Taking
   Lesson 1: The Story of Noah Begins
   Lesson 2: Preparations for the Flood

Unit II: Writing From Notes
   Lesson 3: Into the Ark
   Lesson 4: The Waters Abate
   Lesson 5: Abraham's Reward for Obedience

Unit III: Summarizing Narrative Stories
Lesson 6: The Miracle at Cana
   Lesson 7: The Tale of the Talents
   Lesson 8: The Story of Jonah
   Lesson 9: The Prodigal Son
   Lesson 10: The Good Samaritan

Unit IV: Summarizing References
   Lesson 11: The Apostle Paul on Charity
   Lesson 12: Faith In Christ
   Lesson 13: Christ's last Words on the Cross

Lesson 1-13 Review
Stylistic Decorations

Unit V: Writing Stories From Pictures
Lesson 14: Queen Esther
   Lesson 15: Daniel in the Lions' Den
   Lesson 16: The Birth of Christ
   Lesson 17: The Conversion of Paul

Unit VI: Research Reports
Lesson 18: Jesus Walks on the Sea
   Lesson 19: Temptation in the Desert
   Lesson 20: The Loaves and the Fishes

Unit VII: Creative Writing
Lesson 21: The Garden of Eden
   Lesson 22: The Plague of Death in Egypt
   Lesson 23: The Events Following the Resurrection
   Lesson 24: Paul and the Shipwreck

Unit VIII: Essay Composition
Lesson 25: The Sufferings of Job
   Lesson 26: Faith in Christ Completed
   Lesson 27: Who was to Blame?
   Lesson 28: What are the Responsibilities of a Christian?

Critique Vocabulary Thesaurus
Unit IX: Writing Reviews/Critiques
   Lesson 29: A Model Critique of the Book of Ruth
   Lesson 30: Returning to Jonah
   Lesson 31: David and Goliath


Writing used to make me break into a sweat; thank you for taking the fear and complete subjectivity out of writing!


Throughout the Manual, You Receive

Throughout the Manual, You Receive

  1. Charts & Helps - You should refer to these charts when your kids need help brainstorming or developing an outline. Some of the lists include:

    --Adverb Lists
    --Preposition Lists
    --"Banned" Words
    --Suggestions for Continued Practice

  2. Stories - The stories and lessons are right here in the book for you. You do NOT have to spend time searching for each fairy tale and/or making it appropriate for the age of your child.


As an ADDED BONUS... when you grab your copy of Bible Based Writing Lessons

1.  Student Resource Notebook eBook (digital download for each of your own children)

110 pages that includes the following
  Structure Models
  Strong Verb Charts
  -ly Words (Adverbs)
  Quality Adjective Charts
  Five Senses & Emotions
  Transition Words & Phrases
  Grammar Rules - Punctuation, Confused Words, Clauses, Phrases, etc
  Charts & Checklists
  Answers to Exercises

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Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!


One side note...this book is a SUPPLEMENT to IEW Structure & Style writing course. It is not intended to be a stand-alone writing curriculum. If you are not familiar with the writing process outlined in Structure & Style, I would recommend purchasing it before or with this supplement.

Bible Based Writing Lessons is a perfect manual for you to teach Bible lessons and Writing techniques all at the same time...and all for the low investment of $29!

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by: Andrew Pudewa & James B. Webster

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