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Backyard Ballistics
by: William Gurstelle


Backyard Ballistics is the perfect book for your son, husband or brother-in-law. All men (and most girls) find this a fascinating book with really, cool projects. Backyard Ballistics gives instructions on how to build a variety of projects (potato cannon, tennis ball mortars, Cincinnati fire kite...) the safety, physics and history behind that project.

My son and husband made the potato cannon last Thanksgiving and now it is a hit at our holiday gatherings. In fact, we carried it to my parent's farm over Thanksgiving so all the kids could fire off the potatoes. Some of the kids even tried catching the potatoes as well-wow! My son's next project is to begin selling kits to make projects in Backyard Ballistics.

Of course this is not your typical "craft book", but it is definitely a manly type of book. We have lots of dads wander into our booth just to buy this book. Some day we hope to offer a camp for boys to let them build some of the projects and teach the project's science & history.

What others say about Backyard Ballistics:

Backyard Ballistics is great for lazy summer days and for school projects. I did a Science Fair project on the potato cannon. My dad and I built the stand while my mom helped me shoot the vegetables. I launched all sorts of vegetables and fruits. It was lots of fun. ~13 year old

"Pleasing men of all ages!"

"Being an avid potato gunner, I picked this book up at the local library, and after reading it over, I just had to to get it. The book will please everyone that is into building fun projects during the lazy summer days & will provide enjoyment for hours! The book goes into very good detail with each project & stresses safety as a key thing, which is good because the projects in this book can be somewhat dangerous ONLY if you don't follow instructions & use common sense. I recommended this book to anyone in need for a good project to work on or just for fun! Definitely on my top 10 list."

If you want to make a potato souffle, pick up a book by Julia Child. If you want to decorate your holiday cards with hand-cut potato stamps, look to a Martha Stewart manual. If, however, you'd like to launch a potato in a blazing fireball of combusting hairspray from a PVC pipe, your best source is Backyard Ballistics, by William Gurstelle.” —Time Out New York

Your inner boy will get a bang out of these 13 devices to build and shoot in your own back yard, some of them noisy enough to legally perk up a 4th of July.” —The Dallas Morning News


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