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America: First 350 Years
by: Steve Wilkins

1 CD-MP3 Format: $25.00
(16 Hours - 32 Lectures, Printable Notebook)


Steve wanted this for a birthday gift a few years ago. He immediately listened to all 16 tapes, not just once but twice. After that, he loaned them to a friend, who purchased his own copy for his family to hear.

Steve Wilkins gives a refreshing view of American history from explorers through the War Between the States. If you are looking for a curriculum for your high schooler to use for American history, this is IT! At the end of the notebook are questions sheets for each lecture, as well as a bibliography from which you can assign independent reading and writing assignments

This study consists of 32 lectures (16 hours). The lectures cover the season from the discovery period through the Reconstruction. The series come with a 200 page notebook which contains lecture notes, an index, study guide, and a comprehensive bibliography.

This series sold in cassette format for $75, but now is available in MP3 format for $25. Steve has recommended this series for several years and it is now very affordable. The MP3 includes all the audio AND the notebook. You print out what you need in the notebook-what a deal!

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