Lots of Freebies This Week
January 16, 2007

Are you staying warm these days?  Thank goodness for heaters!
The past few nights have dipped below zero.  This southern gal is
enjoying the beautiful snow-covered town.  Well, the cold does
get to me sometimes.  When I went for a walk on Saturday morning,
I had to cut it short.  My fingers were freezing.  I'm sure it
was below 10 that morning, but I really needed to walk.  I tried
to go for a walk on Monday, but fell twice on the ice, in less
than a block.  So...I headed back home to exercise inside!

Today is absolutely gorgeous - sunshine and snow fills the area.

I plan to send the other half of my practical skills article next
week.  Today, I'm making a little shift in my newsletter.  I
decided to offer a smorgasbord of articles and websites about
giving your children a 'real life' education.  If you are like
me, you get caught up in the academics of school (since public
and private schools do that) and you neglect some of the most
important areas of our children's lives. . . preparing for adult
life.  Take your pick and ENJOY lots of freebies!  (All of these are included on
my blog between January 11th & 15th)

1.  A few months ago, my oldest daughter took over Steve's
wedding website so she could earn some extra money.  This proud
mama can't resist sharing how great she thinks this website is.
Just humor me and take a look at Ashley's website.

For real life education, sign up for the newsletter and study
Ashley's business model.  It's free to examine and study.
She offers a free newsletter, keeps a
blog of money-saving tips & hints and sells an ebook for $30 that
tells you how to save hundreds of dollars on your wedding.  If
you or someone you know has a wedding sometime soon, Fire Your
Own Wedding Planner is a resource to consider.

It would mean a great deal to me if you left a comment on
Ashley's blog about her new business.  Her blog is at the site

Real life education from a family that really lives what they
  The Rushtons are teaching real life business skills for
families.  Our children deserve the opportunity to learn how to
start & build their own business so they are not dependent on an
employer for a paycheck.  Read Harold & Cindy Rushton's story
today!  http://www.playmasters.info/businessuperset.html

Don't miss the Rushtons' business information.  I have learned so
much from them and I'm sure you will too.

3.  Free Business Workshops
We have two ways you can join us for our free business workshops.
You can listen to Steve interview marketing experts every Tuesday
night.  Put your phone on speakers and let the entire family
learn together.

Or, you can hear Steve live on our Tour of Texas Business
.  As soon as I get the details, I will let you know.
This is a new idea for the Becks and we are so excited to visit
Dallas, Houston, Austin & San Antonio.  More on this later.

3.  Some Great Articles & Activities
Football and Geography
Godly Children Without All the Effort
Free Bible Study Tool
http://www.CurriculumConnection.net/blog (scroll down a bit)

Have a great week, enjoy these freebies...and stay warm!



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