A Full, Four Year College Education for under $10.000...Interested?
January 21, 2007

Almost every week I receive an email asking me what we do after high school. Everyone’s children are growing up, even yours. And there are so many questions about their future.

What is your child’s life purpose?
How can your child fulfill his or her life purpose?
Should your child go away for college?
Should your child attend college at all?
Should your child find an alternative to college?
Should your child skip college and get a job?
Should your child save some money and then enroll in college?
How much does college cost these days?
Are those college classes really beneficial?
What kind of worldview do most colleges offer in their classes?

The list goes on & on & on…

I’ve written a lot of emails in response to these questions, but now I have a special treat for you. I will be interviewing Woody Robertson about life purpose and the possibilities with college this Thursday, January 25th. No matter how old your children are, you need to listen to Woody so your children are prepared when they finish homeschool.

Who is Woody?
No, he’s not the guy in Toy Story! Woody Robertson, a first generation home-school graduate, earned his accredited BSBA in General Management in fifteeen months of study for a total cost of under $5,500 through Distance Learning.
No! That is not a typo..15months, $5500 and a college degree

Two months ago I met Woody at a one-day seminar about distance learning. It just happened that Woody was flying from Texas to Idaho two weeks after my 18yo registered for College Plus. He invited us to his one-day seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and we jumped at the invitation.

At the seminar, I asked Woody if I could interview him and have him share some of his tips about life’s purpose, life planning, college, distance learning and beyond. He quickly agreed to a telephone interview for you.

The best part of this interview is you can listen to Woody in the comfort of your own home. You can even get your own questions answered…just leave them on my blog and I ask them on Thursday.

Let me get back to Woody . . .

Woody currently serves as the Director of CollegePlus! where he still mentors students as they discover their life purpose and follow God’s calling.

Woody’s personal vision is to communicate a message of vision, purpose, and direction to families which he shares at seminars and home-school conferences nationwide. But, you don’t have to go anywhere to hear him…except to your phone.

Woody’s Purpose Statement reads:

“My heart’s desire is to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength in order that I might fellowship with Him daily, follow His perfect will, and be the testimony that would bring Him the most glory. By witness of the Lord’s clear hand of direction and past leading, I feel the strong burden and passion to guide parents and their children by inspiring vision to find purpose and fulfillment through seeking God’s plan for their lives. My heart cry is for the Christian families and young people of America. By passionately communicating Biblical truth and vision, my deepest desire is to lead a whole generation of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to stem the tide and stand in the gap for the glory of God.”

Woody is 27 years old and currently resides in the San Antonio, TX area as he looks forward to his upcoming wedding :-) :-)

Join me this Thursday, January 25th for Woody Robertson’s interview. (I will record the call in case you can’t make it live.)

11am PST
12noon MST
1pm CST
2pm EST

How can you join me?

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Don’t forget to leave your questions for Woody on this blog!!


(c)  Kerry Beck
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Kerry Beck is a homeschool mom and wife! She is the author of Raising Leaders, Not Followers, which encourages parents to train their children to be leaders who rule wisely. She would like to give you a free report about Leadership Education in Homeschool Curriculum

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